Want to be a Public Speaker? Create a Video, Buy YouTube Likes, and Start Your Career?

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Are you a good storyteller? At parties or family gatherings, do people gravitate to you because you are telling are doing your thing? Or, are people always asking you to tell a certain tale? If so, you might want to consider becoming a public speaker.

How do you get started? That’s easy – get your talent onto YouTube. It’s the perfect platform to showcase your public speaking. But, you just can’t put your video out there, you have to decide how to promote it best. Do you want to buy YouTube likes? Are you going to buy social media advertisement? Or, are you going to depend on your friends and family to promote your video? The bad news and good news is that there is no one right answer.

That’s bad news because it would be incredible if there were one right answer. However, it’s good news because there are so many possibilities of how your video can grow. Organic growth is slow, but it’s most effective. However, buying likes or advertisement can jump start the process.

Now you are probably wondering what to talk about in your video -that all depends on you. What’s your story? What are your favorite topics? Is it motivational, informative, entertaining or a combination of all three? Only you can answer those questions. Just think of the type of topics that your friends and family demand from you.

While there is no one right answer about what you should speak about, there is only one right answer for you. Remember, you are the guy people turn to when they want to hear a story. If they love you, chances are others will as well. So, figure out why people turn to you. Do they want to laugh? Think? Feel motivated?

Figure it out. Make yourself a video introducing yourself and what you offer as a public speaker. Place that video on YouTube and begin creating a name for yourself. We all love to hear stories, now go out and tell us yours.